Wednesday, December 19, 2018
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The transportation sector grows fast as well as in infrastructures as in new technologies and information systems. The Hellenic Institute of Transport as part of the Hellenic Centre of Research and Technology (CERTH/HIT) wanting it strengthens his place as basic institution for the promotion of research and technological growth in the particular sector, tries it upgrades continuously his offered services as well as the infrastructure that it allocates. In the frames of therefore this development, it was financed by the [GGET] for and concretely by the program COMPETITIVENESS for the creation of “Completed Digital System of Benefit of Services of Routing and Distributions”. This system concerns in the concretization of two new services of planning and information of itineraries. And these two services are based on advanced algorithms and systems of geographic information with which is realized the calculation of most optimal corridors or for the public or for companies of distributions of containers in urban environments. And the two applications, even if they have aim different departments of market, are based on common methodologies and bases of data (eg. and the two presuppose the imprinting the urban and long distance road network in big precision and detail).


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